The Polygraph Examination

Remember Your Childhood?

I am sure that at some time in your childhood that you lied to your mother or father about something that you had done which you should not have done. Such instances bring back memories of looking your parents in the eye and denying that act. While you were calm on the outside, your heart was racing, your palms were sweating, and your stomach turned upside down.

As an adult, the very same things take place. We never seem to lose these involuntary responses to a situation in which we must protect ourselves by lying. The polygraph simply records the presence or absence of such responses and records them on a moving graph.

The polygraph examiner is a highly trained professional who can determine, with a high degree of reliability, when the graphs your body produces indicate you are telling the whole truth.  After all, just who do you think knows more about you then anyone else?  Naturally, the answer is you.  In this respect the polygraph examination is your own evaluation of your truth.  If you believe that whatever you may have done is so horrendous that you cannot be completely truthful about it and say “no” during the polygraph, it will show up as an emotional response.

A polygraph is an instrument that records what takes place inside of your body when you are asked a question.  The polygraph instrument is essentially a pneumatically operated mechanical recorder of changes in blood pressure, pulse, and respiration, supplemented with a unit for recording the GSR. 
  • Tubes are fastened around your chest and abdomen
  • A blood pressure cuff is attached to your arm
  • Electrodes are attached to your fingers or to the palms and dorsal surface of the hands. 
The examination is completely painless and does not use injections, shock, or drugs. During a test...
  • The tubes around the chest and abdomen expand and contract with each inhale and exhale
  • The blood pressure cuff reads changes in blood pressure and blood volume in the skin's tissue
  • The electrodes send readings of electrical current variations to a galvanograph unit

These readings are sent and processed by the equipment used during the examination, to which the examiner will operate and monitor.

Lafayette Instrument Company is the world's leading manufacturer of Polygraph instrumentation and equipment, distributing credibility assessment instruments to private examiners, government, and military organizations around the world.

We offer the following exams:

  • Relationships
  • Pre-Employment
  • Attorney-Client
  • In-Custody
  • Private Sector

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